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DUI, Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney

in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, South Carolina Serving the people of York, Lancaster, and Chester Counties for the last 20 years

Whether it is a divorce, DUI, criminal charge or protecting your legacy for your children, there comes a time in almost everyone's lives that they need and would benefit from good legal help. If you're lucky, you won't need the help of a lawyer all that often. However, when you do, you need someone who's willing to fight for you and protect your future, the attorney you choose in that moment can be the difference between a fair and just outcome, and a lifetime of additional financial and emotional burdens.

My name is Tom Holland. For the last 20 years, I've worked for the people of York, Chester, and Lancaster Counties: first as a prosecutor and then General Counsel for the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office, and now as an experienced criminal defense and family law attorney. This experience, along with my years as General Counsel for American Pensions, Inc., gives me a unique perspective into my clients' cases, and allows me to create options that are customized to their needs. I invite you to contact Holland Law LLC for a consultation to discuss your case at one of my offices in Rock Hill or Fort Mill.


  • I'll always treat you and your case with dignity and respect.
  • I'll answer your questions honestly and openly – and if I'm in court or with another client, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  • When you need someone in your corner, I'll be there.
  • When the time comes to fight, I won't take the easy way out.

Divorce and family law counsel in Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC

Sun Tzu said, “There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.” And he was right: even under the best of circumstances, a divorce can be a wearying experience, both emotionally and financially. When one or both parties are at one another's throat, or when there are substantial assets to be divided, it can feel more like a war. That's why you need someone who not only knows how to fight for your future, but knows how to strategize for every step.

As a single dad and a business owner, I know first-hand what you're facing when your marriage is at its end. I undertook the training to become a certified Family Court Mediator in South Carolina, and I've been certified by the International Association of Collaborative Professionals. If there's a way to help you resolve your issues amicably – or at least civilly – I will find it. But if you are facing a contested divorce, I have the skills and experience to fight for you in a boardroom or in a courtroom. Call me to find out how I can help you with:

Holland Law handles all manner of divorce and family law issues, including those that grow your family. If you have questions about adoption, name changes or paternity, give me a call. I can help.

Important information for business owners and clients with significant assets

You worked hard to build your business and your retirement accounts: you deserve to see that work bear fruit. As former General Counsel for American Pensions, Inc., I have special experience when it comes to assessing the value of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and other retirement accounts. If your business holds the keys to your retirement, I can assist with its valuation, too. Whether you need assistance creating a will or trust, creating an estate plan that allows your final wishes to be fulfilled, or finding a creative solution that allows you to keep control of your business, I am here to help ensure your needs are met.

Aggressive representation for clients facing DUI or criminal charges

A criminal charge can be enough to cost you your job and your rights; a conviction almost certainly will. As a former prosecutor and General Counsel for a Sheriff's office, I have first-hand experience building a case from arrest to trial on criminal charges – which means I know how police and prosecutors think, and I can anticipate those thoughts and actions when I'm building a case for your defense. That knowledge and experience can make a difference in securing your freedom, protecting your livelihood and saving you thousands of dollars in fines and fees. Contact Holland Law LLC in Rock Hill or Fort Mill if you are facing:

I don't believe that an error in judgement should cost you everything – and if your child made a mistake, it could cost him or her chance at a good education at the least, and his/her freedom and at most. Whether your child has been charged as a juvenile or an adult, I want to help. If you or your child need assistance getting a record expunged or seeking a pardon from the Governor, contact me today.

I also represent CDL holders whose jobs may be at risk if they lose their license because of a DUI, and commercial and non-commercial license holders in DMV hearings.

Did you know?

South Carolina is second in the nation for DUI-related deaths – and the police know it.

If you've been charged with DUI, call me as soon as you can so we can start planning your defense strategies.


The men and women who fight for our rights and freedoms deserve an attorney who will fight for theirs. There are a number of state and federal laws and regulations that can affect the outcome of your divorce, child custody, or child support case. Whether you are currently serving or have retired, it is critical that you call me to find out more about your rights in the event of a divorce.

You also face a different kind of future if you are charged with a crime, even when you are no longer in the service. You could lose your clearance, your right to carry a service weapon, your civilian job, and even (potentially) the custody of your children. Call me in Rock Hill or Fort Mill to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

Why Holland Law LLC should be your choice when you need legal counsel

There are a lot of law firms out there, and choosing the right one to handle your legal needs can be intimidating. I became a lawyer to help people, and I can think of no better way to do that than to give each case my personal, undivided attention.

That means that when you walk in my door, you work directly with me and a small team of professionals. I have chosen to remain a solo practitioner because my clients are important to me, and so are the outcomes of their cases. I spend the time getting to know the people I help: their families, their financial situations, their fears, and their victories. The name you see on my front door is the only attorney you'll ever work with; it's my promise to you.

I take pride in what I do, and in the way I can help my clients. I pride myself on thinking outside the box and coming up with unique solutions that fit your unique situation. As a student and teacher of history, I know that often, doing things the same way every time won't actually help. It's another reason why I've chosen to remain selective in my cases – because when it's just you and me, we can come up with personalized, creative options that work for you. Law is not once size fits all.

Fighting for families and the accused

Facing an uncertain future? Help is here. I offer experienced, competent counsel for family law, divorce, criminal defense, DUI defense, and estate planning. Please call Holland Law LLC at 803-590-6665, or fill out the contact form, and schedule a consultation at my Fort Mill office on Gold Hill Rd., or in Rock Hill on Oakland Ave.



• I’ll always treat you and your case with dignity and respect.

• I’ll answer your questions honestly and openly – and if I’m in court or with another client, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

• When you need someone in your corner, I’ll be there.

• When the time comes to fight, I won’t take the easy way out.

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Holland Law LLC is committed to answering your questions about Divorce and Family Law, DUI, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury law issues in South Carolina. I'll gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.