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This Man is a Godsend of a Lawyer

"This man is a godsend of a lawyer. I have only glowing reviews for him and his paralegal Sarah Chiarelli. Why? First off, his humanity. He charges, like any lawyer, but his fees are reasonable, fair, and just. He is relatable. He lived through the same exact thing that potential clients are reaching out for help with!! He isn't a magician; if you come in with little evidence to support your side, he can't wave a wand and make it appear. By law, he can't take your word and then fully defend you in court with no supporting evidence with an unrealistic expectation that you will come out on top. Provide as much evidence as you can to support your claims. Even if you don't think it's something he can use. Help him help you. He will still try though because of the oath he took and because he is a genuine kind hearted person. He went, and still is, going above and beyond and working silently behind the scenes. I was shocked to learn at how much he was doing that I was unaware of – going down to court to get records and presenting information on his clients' behalf to support them in court. His work day doesn't end at 5pm. Speaking of which, neither does his paralegal, Sarah. Every email sent, she receives. She is always gracious, helpful, and kind. When I tried to express my gratitude, Sarah said “I'm in it to help and do my job to assist others no matter what it entails” and is unwilling to accept the accolades she truly deserves. Tom as well. Tom, if a deadline is coming up that you weren't aware of, tells Sarah to call or text to give you a heads up. I'm forever grateful for all they have done for my husband. Past, present, and future. Tom Holland is worth spending your money on. You will not be disappointed by his efforts. Just do me a favor, give him evidence, statements, etc. etc. Record and keep everything. He doesn't mind if you walk in with a U-Haul truck worth of docs; he wants the whole picture so he can defend you truly and accurately. Don't do what I did. I dropped off docs and paperwork and ended up being there for an hour. Car was running the whole....entire....time. If he has a client, he will shut doors for privacy, but his office is always open and welcoming and you won't be ignored. He has Sarah's beautiful face to greet you immediately."

– Shelley Carnes

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