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If a custody dispute is part of your divorce, you should know that South Carolina's family courts are guided by what’s best for the child. Once a court has determined custody, the non-custodial parent will be allowed some type of “visitation” with the child. South Carolina courts generally believe that a child is better off with two parents. This means that unless the non-custodial parent poses a risk to the child's physical or mental health, a court will likely allow some type of visitation. However, in some instances, simply splitting the child’s time between the two may be too disruptive for the child’s emotional health.

Parents may be awarded one of three types of physical custody:

  • Sole physical custody, with or without regular visitation by the other parent
  • Joint physical custody, where parents have equal time with the child
  • Shared physical custody, with one parent having primary custody and the other parent having a set visitation schedule

A visitation order will clearly state the schedule to be followed, whether mandated by the court or agreed upon by the parents. To learn more, contact our divorce lawyers in Fort Mill or Rock Hill. We proudly serve York County, Lancaster County, and beyond.

Modifying a Visitation Plan

It is possible to change a visitation schedule. If both parents agree, they should file the modified visitation plan with the family court. This allows the plan to be enforced.

If both parents do not agree to changes, however, the parent requesting the change will need to prove in court that a modification—for example, a schedule adjustment due to a job change—is in the best interests of the child. The court may deem a change appropriate to keep the parent involved in the child’s life, or they may decide the change is too disruptive.

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Denying court-ordered visitation is a serious matter. If the visiting parent files an affidavit saying their rights are being denied, and the spouse with custody cannot show good reason, the custodial parent can face jail time or a fine greater than $1,500.

Is your former spouse obstructing your visitation rights or being unreasonable about a necessary change? Protect your children by calling (803) 500-4140. At Holland Law LLC, we are aggressive, experienced, and compassionate advocates for your parental rights.

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