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Fort Mill and Rock Hill Criminal Defense Attorney

Providing a powerful defense for those accused of crimes in York, Lancaster, and Chester Counties

Losing your freedom for any amount of time may cost you your livelihood, your relationships, your professional license, your right to carry, and assistance for education and housing. It affects you and your family, and can have permanent repercussions. As a former prosecutor, I understand the criminal justice system and what can be done to prevent you from falling headfirst into it for a mistake, or when you are being wrongfully accused.

If you are facing criminal charges, it is time to follow the advice of Sun Tzu: plan for the worst, and hope for the best. At Holland Law in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, your case is handled aggressively and quickly, because time is of the essence in any criminal case. Call me today to starting planning for your defense.

Defending the accused in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, and Lancaster

South Carolina has experienced high rates of crime for years, and tough prosecutors look for every opportunity to win their cases so they can allay the fears of the general public. I want my clients to understand that no matter the crime, I understand the seriousness of the implications that just being accused can have on your life.

You need a highly qualified criminal defense attorney from the beginning. Contact me today for help with:

I explore every legal avenue at my disposal to defend you. Don't trust an underpaid and overworked public defender when your life and your freedom are on the line. Put a warrior on your side.

Special considerations for servicemembers

If you are a military member whose charges will bring you before a civilian court, you may face anything from payment of a fine to significant prison time, depending upon the charges. Your wisest option is to hire an educated criminal defense attorney who has a long standing familiarity with the local criminal justice system. Risking a conviction with a harsh penalty will have irreversibly damaging effects on your career, if you still have one in the end.

Even without prison time, you could lose your security clearance or be prevented from qualifying for one, which will impact your military career path. You may also be dishonorably discharged, which will follow you around for the remainder of your life.

What does a criminal defense lawyer do?

Whether it's a felony or misdemeanor, there is no time to waste when you have been charged with a crime. The police are collecting evidence at every turn. You cannot afford to delay hiring experienced legal representation when evidence of your innocence may be in jeopardy of being destroyed or hidden.

Your case needs an aggressive defense strategy to counter the state's case. Having a former prosecutor on your side provides an inside perspective on the best approach to take with your case. As your attorney, I have a vested interest in safeguarding your constitutional rights by:

  • Listening to your story and discussing what your plan of action should be
  • Attending police interviews and lineups
  • Attending and representing you in hearings
  • Investigating evidence to find discrepancies
  • Speaking with witnesses
  • Determining the relevancy of evidence
  • Arguing to exclude evidence
  • Seeking dismissal based on insufficient evidence
  • Negotiating pleas
  • Vigorously defending you if your case proceeds to trial

Fear of your circumstances can cause you to place yourself into a tenuous legal position. Don't allow that to happen. The legal guidance that you need is just a phone call away. Call me today to discuss how I can help you seek the best outcome for your case.

What are some common criminal defenses used in SC?

The police and prosecution may not have enough evidence to successfully prove their case, which can wind up being dismissed. Even if they do have enough to go to trial, a tough offense is your best defense to criminal charges. Showing there was a legally excusable reason for your behavior may end in acquittal, or provide enough leverage to succeed in reducing your charges or arranging for a satisfactory plea deal.

Intent will an important role in your defense. Depending upon the charges and surrounding facts, some of the arguments that can be made on behalf of your defense are:

  • Self-defense
  • Duress
  • Insanity
  • Entrapment
  • Incompetency to stand trial
  • Mistaken identity
  • Innocence of the crime in question

There are questions that you can ask yourself that may help your case, such as:

  • Was I with someone else at the time who can place me somewhere else?
  • Was I in a location with a working video camera that can prove I was elsewhere?
  • Do I have receipts with a timestamp that assist in forming a timeline helpful to me?
  • Are there any text messages, photos, or other evidence that can help prove my innocence?

Strategy is of great importance when dealing with criminal charges. Even if your case goes to trial, it may be in your best interest not to take the stand and testify. I craft defenses based on your individual set of circumstances to give you the best chance possible for putting your life back on track.

Your future is too important to entrust to just any Fort Mill or Rock Hill defense attorney

You already have a lot riding on the outcome of your case. You shouldn't have to worry about whether the attorney you hire has the knowledge to undertake your case. My decades of criminal law experience offer a proven track record that citizens York, Lancaster, and Chester Counties can feel safe in relying upon. To schedule a consultation at Holland Law, in either my Fort Mill office on Gold Hill Road, or in my Rock Hill office on Oakland Avenue, please call 803-590-6690, or reach out to me through my contact page.

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