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Collaborative Law Is a Better Divorce Option for Aging Couples

Nobody thinks they are going to get a divorce when they first get married. The longer your marriage lasts, the harder it can be to rationalize ending it, but that is exactly what’s happening with a lot of older couples. According to Pew Research Center, the number of couples divorcing over the age of 50…

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What Is a Field Sobriety Test – and Should You Take One?

Getting pulled over for suspected drunk driving can be frightening. Your first instinct may be to comply with whatever the officer asks you to do, including exiting the vehicle for perform field sobriety tests. Standardized field sobriety tests are tools used by law enforcement to garner evidence of your intoxication. If you perform poorly on…

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What Happens When You Get Pulled Over for Suspicion of DUI?

Seeing blue lights in your rearview mirror makes your heart race. The situation becomes even tenser if you’ve had a drink or two. Being pulled over for suspicion of DUI is completely nerve-wracking. It’s important that you understand the process you will undergo during a South Carolina traffic stop. Always stop for an officer with…

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Dealing with Child Abuse During a Pandemic

Child advocates and educators have warned since the start of the coronavirus pandemic that it would be difficult to keep an eye on at-risk children with them no longer reporting to school every day of the week. Not long after those warnings were issued, the overall reports of child abuse plummeted. However, the numbers didn’t…

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Apps to Help You Successfully Coparent

The rules governing parenting have been relaxing for decades. The way our parents did things and the way their parents did things before them is vastly different from how parents today rear their children. One primary difference between then and now is the divorce rate has increased. Couples finally realized that staying together for the…

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Social Media Posts May Lead to Drug Arrests

Staying connected to friends and family is easier than it has ever been with smartphones and social media. You can update people about what’s happening in your life in real time, which is kind of amazing when you consider that just 30 years ago the general public barely had email access much less knew how…

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You Can Survive Sharing Child Custody with a Little Creativity

The idea of leaving a spouse you just can’t stand is incredibly appealing for many people contemplating the end of their marriage. What’s a less than an optimal situation to cope with in accomplishing that is that you won’t be living with your children every day anymore. It’s a reality that can be difficult to…

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Is the DataMaster Test Putting Innocent People in Jail?

When you get pulled over by the police, most of us just assume if they ask us to take a test that the officer knows how to properly administer it and that any devices or equipment necessary are in good working order. If you happen to have had a few too many drinks when you’re…

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Speeding Contributed to Fatal Crashes, Even During the Shutdown

It’s a time when many people are taking a forced hiatus from their normally fast-paced lives. We’re staying home waiting to be recalled to jobs, working from home, having necessities delivered, and making minimal trips to pick up groceries. School and even vacations have been canceled amidst stay-at-home orders and the need to socially distance…

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