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Can Text Messages Prove Adultery in a Divorce?

Adultery is a common reason couples divorce, and can be claimed in a fault-based divorce. However, to make an adultery allegation, you must have hard proof. You may hear about an affair through gossip or your circle of friends, but this is not enough for the court. Our clients sometimes ask if things like text…

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What Does “Best Interests of the Child” Really Mean?

It does not matter whether a divorce is amiable or acrimonious; when matters of child custody are at play, emotions can run high. It is natural to want your child with you as much as possible, and it is important to understand how the court determines the best interests of the child. The “best interests…

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Getting Divorced? You Need a Business Valuation

If you own a small business or sole proprietorship and are considering divorce, the division of marital assets becomes even more important. During this process, spouses identify, evaluate and divide their marital property. For some couples, division of property can be straightforward – typically dividing up things like bank accounts, vehicles and homes. However, in…

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Important Information for Business Owners Seeking a Divorce

Divorcing takes a lot out of you mentally and emotionally, in general. When you own a business it presents an entirely new area of concern to keep you awake at night. Will your spouse be entitled to part of your company? Will you have to sell anything off? How are you going to manage things…

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The Complications of High Net Worth Divorce & Inherited Wealth

In South Carolina, inheritances are typically immune to equitable division during divorce, and this rule applies regardless of the form of the inherited asset – whether cash, real estate or any other type of property. This also applies whether the spouse received the inheritance before or during the course of the marriage. However, although this…

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You Can Survive Sharing Child Custody with a Little Creativity

The idea of leaving a spouse you just can’t stand is incredibly appealing for many people contemplating the end of their marriage. What’s a less than an optimal situation to cope with in accomplishing that is that you won’t be living with your children every day anymore. It’s a reality that can be difficult to…

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Is My Ex-Spouse Hiding Assets During Our Divorce?

One of the uncomfortable parts of divorce is sorting out your marital assets and property. Whether you’ve been married for one year or for 20 years, in South Carolina each spouse has the right to an equitable division of property. If your divorce is uncontested and amicable, you and your spouse may be able to…

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Remarriages and Premarital Agreements

As our life expectancies grow longer and we’re able to better enjoy our senior years, remarrying after the death or divorce or a spouse is increasingly commonplace. Remarriages bring up different and more complicated issues than marrying for the first time. For example, you and your new spouse may each have children from previous relationships,…

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