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Why Do Prosecutors and Defense Lawyers Negotiate Plea Bargains?

The different participants in the criminal justice system have different interests. The job of a criminal defense lawyer is to assert every argument and every strategy possible to achieve the best possible outcome for his client. The prosecutor is there to represent the needs of the public when a person has committed a crime. Sometimes,…

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Medical Kidnapping: When a Hospital Kidnaps Your Child

Every parent’s nightmare is their child falling seriously ill. But imagine this bad dream getting even worse. You take your child to the hospital or urgent care for medical help and the recommended course of treatment has significant side effects – side effects that you believe will have harmful and permanent effects on the well-being…

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The Best Time to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are the subject of a criminal investigation, accused of a crime, or have already been arrested, the best time to hire a criminal defense attorney is now. Whether the charges are minor or serious, having experienced counsel in your corner is the best chance for a successful outcome for your case. The sooner…

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Social Media Posts May Lead to Drug Arrests

Staying connected to friends and family is easier than it has ever been with smartphones and social media. You can update people about what’s happening in your life in real time, which is kind of amazing when you consider that just 30 years ago the general public barely had email access much less knew how…

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Is the DataMaster Test Putting Innocent People in Jail?

When you get pulled over by the police, most of us just assume if they ask us to take a test that the officer knows how to properly administer it and that any devices or equipment necessary are in good working order. If you happen to have had a few too many drinks when you’re…

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Speeding Contributed to Fatal Crashes, Even During the Shutdown

It’s a time when many people are taking a forced hiatus from their normally fast-paced lives. We’re staying home waiting to be recalled to jobs, working from home, having necessities delivered, and making minimal trips to pick up groceries. School and even vacations have been canceled amidst stay-at-home orders and the need to socially distance…

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Drug Overdoses Increased during the Covid-19 Shutdown

Drug addiction is a tough thing to beat. Anyone who has suffered through it knows that it’s a lifelong battle. People struggling with addiction need continued support to stay on the right track. The coronavirus pandemic has been making it much more difficult for those in recovery to stick with the lifestyle that best protects…

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Can I Be Arrested for Threatening to Spread Coronavirus?

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently warned that anyone who intentionally spreads, or threatens to spread, coronavirus, would be charged with terrorism. According to a memorandum sent out in March 2020, a person could be arrested for coughing on other people or objects with the purpose of infecting others. The DOJ memo, sent to…

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DUI Checkpoints in South Carolina – The Facts

Often, people find themselves facing drunk driving charges as a result of being stopped at a DUI checkpoint. Although these types of checkpoints are legal, it’s important to understand your rights and ensure you don’t experience an unfair arrest or conviction. Our firm has compiled some useful information about sobriety checkpoints in South Carolina in…

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