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Will My Ex Get My Pension in the Divorce?

If you’re going through a divorce, then you know how stressful the process can be. With today’s complex, nuanced laws, a divorce can be confusing, infuriating, and extremely difficult – especially if your spouse is being stubborn with their demands. Separating assets such as cars, homes, and other physical items is one thing, but sharing…

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What Do I Do If My Child Was Arrested for DUI?

It’s normal for teens and young adults to make mistakes; it’s part of growing up and learning. They’re learning what’s popular, fun, and new. However, these mistakes can sometimes land your child in serious trouble with the law. A night of drinking and partying with friends can lead to years of consequences that can change…

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Can I Be Arrested for Threatening to Spread Coronavirus?

Back in 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) warned that anyone who intentionally spreads, or threatens to spread, coronavirus, would be charged with terrorism. According to a memorandum sent out in March of that year, a person could be arrested for coughing on other people or objects with the purpose of infecting others. The…

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How to Survive a High-Conflict Divorce

A divorce is already stressful enough considering the time and money that goes into them, not to mention the strain of having to possibly find a new place to live, and discovering who gets custody of the children. In a high-conflict divorce, the stress is doubled. Whether that’s due to an abusive or obstinate partner,…

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Do I Need a Lawyer if I’m Caught With Drugs?

More often than not, if you need to ask yourself if you need a lawyer, the answer is going to be yes – especially if you’ve been arrested for possession of an illegal substance. In order to know why you need a lawyer (other than the legal system is a complex and complicated machine that…

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Why Eyewitness Testimony May Be Unreliable

If you have ever watched a crime procedural, you have watched the scene where the potential “perps” are put in a line, and a victim is forced to identify the person who attacked him or her. In most versions, the victim either recognizes the alleged attacker immediately, or states clearly and emphatically that his or…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Alimony in South Carolina

Spouses in South Carolina who divorce or separate have numerous questions about alimony. They want to know the types of alimony there are, the factors that determine whether alimony should be awarded, how much alimony should be awarded, and whether alimony awards can be modified. We discuss these topics on our main alimony page. Some…

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Understanding Assault and Battery Charges in South Carolina

Any dispute or altercation that involves physical touching or an attempt to touch someone can lead to assault charges. South Carolina has different levels of assault charges that depend on a few factors. These factors include the severity of the injury the victim suffers, where and how the victim was touched, and whether the assault…

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Family Business Owners Need Experienced Divorce Attorneys

Family businesses such as restaurants, technology services, professional services, and daycares are the lifeblood of the economy. Many of these businesses are operated by both spouses. Even when one spouse operates the business, the other spouse often helps the spouse in a myriad of ways such as caring for the children or providing her/his own…

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