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We are open and fully operational during COVID-19. Our entire office is taking all safety precautions to ensure the safety of our clients.
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Will I Go to Jail if I Get Caught with Marijuana in the Car?

If you are pulled over, and you end up with the police searching your car because they think they smell marijuana, you might be in trouble if they find some. In South Carolina, marijuana is a Schedule I drug that is still illegal to possess and distribute. If you are convicted on a drug charge,…

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I Think My Ex Quit a Job to Avoid Paying Child Support. What Do I Do?

Getting a divorce is already a stressful event. There’s the separation of property, child custody, moving, and ensuring your spouse pays child support. But what if your ex-spouse claims they  can’t pay child support because they don’t have a job? What if you suspect they purposefully quit their job to avoid paying child support specifically?…

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