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How Life Insurance Can Help Protect You & Your Child in a Divorce

When spouses divorce, most of the family issues are resolved either at the time of the divorce or shortly thereafter. The judge issues a divorce decree, which grants the spouses the right to start new relationships and to remarry if they choose. The marital property is divided in accordance with the equitable distribution agreement and…

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Why Do Prosecutors and Defense Lawyers Negotiate Plea Bargains?

The different participants in the criminal justice system have different interests. The job of a criminal defense lawyer is to assert every argument and every strategy possible to achieve the best possible outcome for his client. The prosecutor is there to represent the needs of the public when a person has committed a crime. Sometimes,…

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Medical Kidnapping: When a Hospital Kidnaps Your Child

Every parent’s nightmare is their child falling seriously ill. But imagine this bad dream getting even worse. You take your child to the hospital or urgent care for medical help and the recommended course of treatment has significant side effects – side effects that you believe will have harmful and permanent effects on the well-being…

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Can I Get a DUI on Kratom?

Kratom is a supplement derived from the tropical evergreen tree Mitragyna speciosa. It is native to Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and other South Asian countries, where people have used the leaves as both a stimulant and sedative for decades, if not centuries. Some people also use kratom for treating chronic pain, digestive problems, and for help…

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How Can I Get More Parenting Time with My Kid?

Whether a parent is in the beginning stages of a divorce, in the middle of a custody dispute, or are thinking about modifying a custody agreement, they almost always have the same question – how can I maximize the amount of time I will get to spend with my children? Of course, every case is…

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