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Important Information for Business Owners Seeking a Divorce

Divorcing takes a lot out of you mentally and emotionally, in general. When you own a business it presents an entirely new area of concern to keep you awake at night. Will your spouse be entitled to part of your company? Will you have to sell anything off? How are you going to manage things…

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Boating Under the Influence Is a Serious Crime

It seems at least once a year we hear about someone being killed on South Carolina’s waterways in a tragic boating accident. In 2020, there have been at least 3 so far: one in Lake Murray, one in Lake Wylie, and one in Lake Keowee – the 35th death in Lake Keowee in the last…

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The Complications of High Net Worth Divorce & Inherited Wealth

In South Carolina, inheritances are typically immune to equitable division during divorce, and this rule applies regardless of the form of the inherited asset – whether cash, real estate or any other type of property. This also applies whether the spouse received the inheritance before or during the course of the marriage. However, although this…

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Collaborative Law Is a Better Divorce Option for Aging Couples

Nobody thinks they are going to get a divorce when they first get married. The longer your marriage lasts, the harder it can be to rationalize ending it, but that is exactly what’s happening with a lot of older couples. According to Pew Research Center, the number of couples divorcing over the age of 50…

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