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We are open and fully operational during COVID-19. Our entire office is taking all safety precautions to ensure the safety of our clients.
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What Happens When You Get Pulled Over for Suspicion of DUI?

Seeing blue lights in your rearview mirror makes your heart race. The situation becomes even tenser if you’ve had a drink or two. Being pulled over for suspicion of DUI is completely nerve-wracking. It’s important that you understand the process you will undergo during a South Carolina traffic stop. Always stop for an officer with…

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Dealing with Child Abuse During a Pandemic

Child advocates and educators have warned since the start of the coronavirus pandemic that it would be difficult to keep an eye on at-risk children with them no longer reporting to school every day of the week. Not long after those warnings were issued, the overall reports of child abuse plummeted. However, the numbers didn’t…

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Apps to Help You Successfully Coparent

The rules governing parenting have been relaxing for decades. The way our parents did things and the way their parents did things before them is vastly different from how parents today rear their children. One primary difference between then and now is the divorce rate has increased. Couples finally realized that staying together for the…

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