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We are open and fully operational during COVID-19. Our entire office is taking all safety precautions to ensure the safety of our clients.
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DUI Checkpoints in South Carolina – The Facts

Often, people find themselves facing drunk driving charges as a result of being stopped at a DUI checkpoint. Although these types of checkpoints are legal, it’s important to understand your rights and ensure you don’t experience an unfair arrest or conviction. Our firm has compiled some useful information about sobriety checkpoints in South Carolina in…

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Emergency, Expedited and Temporary Hearings in South Carolina

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives, here in South Carolina and across the entire United States. While our law offices have made every effort to continue operations as normally as possible under the circumstances, most courts have been closed. This has been causing chaos and questions for many families with shared…

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Is My Ex-Spouse Hiding Assets During Our Divorce?

One of the uncomfortable parts of divorce is sorting out your marital assets and property. Whether you’ve been married for one year or for 20 years, in South Carolina each spouse has the right to an equitable division of property. If your divorce is uncontested and amicable, you and your spouse may be able to…

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The Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony

Eyewitness testimony, at least on film and television, can be dramatic and turn a trial completely around. In real life, however, eyewitness accounts aren’t typically so exciting and sometimes don’t even make it to the trial stage of the criminal justice process. Much research has shown that our memories aren’t as accurate as we might…

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Remarriages and Premarital Agreements

As our life expectancies grow longer and we’re able to better enjoy our senior years, remarrying after the death or divorce or a spouse is increasingly commonplace. Remarriages bring up different and more complicated issues than marrying for the first time. For example, you and your new spouse may each have children from previous relationships,…

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